Create a PassLink to automate a Website Login.

PassLinks are like Explorer Favorite's that automate your login at a website.  Most importantly, Passlinks are secure and can help you avoid malware and trojans that can capture your login information.  Plus, they are so convenient you will wonder how you ever lived without them.  In simple terms, clicking on a PassLink will navigate you to the website login page, then enter your user name, password and click the Login button.   How good is that! 

  1. Click the Login icon on the Mirrapass toolbar or side-bar to show the Login window.  (It is not essential to Login before hand, because you will be prompted to do so before saving your website PassLink.)
  2. To create a PassLink, goto the website login page, enter your details and login as normal.  You should then be prompted to save the PassLink as depicted below.  (If you have not already Logged into Mirrapass you will be prompted to do so first.)  Click the "Yes" button to save the PassLink, which will then be added to your "Website Login Helper" side-bar.

    Saving a PassLink Mirrapass PassLinks

  3. With your PassLink saved, the next time you need to Login to that website, simply click the PassLink in the Mirrapass side-bar or from the drop-down list on the main Mirrapass toolbar.  The image below shows the Mirrapass toolbar with a description of each icon's function.

    Mirrapass Toolbar