Send a Password Encrypted Email with a Password I provide

  1. Click the New button to show the Compose new message window.
Compose an email to encrypt
  1. Compose the message and add any formatting, attachments or images required.  When you have finished, click the "Send - Password Secured" button to encrypt and send the message using a password that you provide.  You can change the password for each message or use a password you have saved for each individual recipient.
Send an encrypted email
  1. If you have not previously saved a password for the intended recipient, then enter the password in the next screen and click "OK".  You can also choose to save the password for this recipient so that you can automatically encrypt messages you send in the future.

Enter password for encryption

The message is encrypted with the password provided and sent in the normal manner.  

The recipient must know the password you have used in order to decrypt the message.  The recipient can also save a password for a specific sender so that the email is automatically decrypted on receipt.


Decrypt a Password encrypted Email.


To decrypt an email that has been sent to you with Password encryption, it stands to reason that you need to know the Password.  However, Mirramail makes it convenient to decrypt password encrypted messages you receive regularly from the same sender by providing secure storage of the passwords for each sender and an option to automatically decrypt a message when it is received.  The security of this ensured because no one else can access your Mirramail messages without the password required to start Mirramail.

  1. As you receive the encrypted message you will be prompted to enter the required password to decrypt the message unless you have already saved the password used by this sender.  After you enter the password you can also choose to save the password for this sender so that, in the future, messages will be automatically decrypted on receipt.
If you do not enter the correct password or click the Cancel button, the message will be stored in its encrypted form, which can be decrypted at a later time with the correct password - just  select the encrypted message and click the " Decrypt" button on the main toolbar and enter the correct password.


Enter password for decryption

If you have already received an encrypted Mirramail message with Outlook, Outlook Express or another email program, click the "Switch To" icon on the main toolbar and select the appropriate program.  When the messages from the other program have loaded, select the encrypted message and click the "Decrypt" icon on the main toolbar, and enter the password required to decrypt the message.  The decrypted message will be stored in your other email program as well as in the Mirracrypt message store.  Learn more. Switch to Outlook
  1. After entering the correct password and clicking "OK", the message, including any attachments and formatting, will be decrypted and saved in your InBox folder where it can be viewed in the preview area.

The email after decryption.