Mirramail Local Security Features

One of the primary benefits of Mirramail is its local security.  Without the correct password, no one else can access the content of your messages, send/receive email on your account or access your Contacts.  To demonstrate the ease and convenience of Mirramail's security please refer to the screenshots below.

  1. When you are logged into Mirramail you have full access to your messages and contacts.  Click the "Log Out" icon on the main toolbar to logout and secure Mirramail against unauthorized use.

Logout to secure you email message store.

  1. Confirm that you want to logout on the window that appears.

Mirramail Logout window

  1. Access to your Messages and Contacts is immediately removed and tasks, such as sending or receiving messages, are disabled.

Messages are displayed in encrypted form.

  1. To restore normal access click the "Log In" icon on the main toolbar and provide the correct password.