Decrypt an Encrypted Email received by Outlook™ or another email program.

For the purpose of this topic we will assume you have already received an encrypted Mirramail message with Outlook, Outlook Express or another email program and the message is in the InBox, although it can be in any Outlook or Outlook Express message folder. As you will see below, the message is encrypted and contains text to explain to the recipient that the message is encrypted and the email address of the sender.

  1. Start Mirramail and click the "Switch To" icon on the main toolbar and select Outlook or another program from the drop-down list as appropriate.

  1. When the messages from the other program have loaded, select the encrypted message and click the "Decrypt" icon on the main toolbar to decrypt the message.


  1. After clicking the "Decrypt" button, the message, including any attachments and formatting, is decrypted and can be viewed in the preview area.  The decrypted message will automatically be stored in Outlook (or your other email program as applicable) plus it will also be stored securely in the Mirramail message store.  The two screenshots below show the Outlook view and Mirramail view of the decrypted message.