Decrypt an Encrypted Email

Decrypting an Encrypted email is simple.

If you are logged-in to Mirracrypt or you have enabled the Auto-Login option, any message you receive that was encrypted with your unique Mirrasoft key will be automatically decrypted.  If the message was encrypted with a password, and you have saved the sender's password, it will be automatically decrypted on receipt.  In other words, you don't have to do anything to decrypt the message without compromising the security of your message from the time it leaves the sender's email program until you receive it on your computer and decrypt it.

If you are not logged-in to Mirracrypt or have not enabled the Auto-Login option, decrypting a message is still easy.  Just click the 'Decrypt Message" icon on the Outlook toolbar.


If you are logged-in to Mirracrypt, the message and any attachments will be decrypted immediately.  If you are not logged-in to Mirracrypt, you will be prompted to enter your Login password.  After entering the correct password, the message will be decrypted.