Getting Started with Armacrypt™ Webmail Encryption...

Thank you for choosing Armacrypt™ Encryption-for-Webmail.  We hope Armacrypt will exceed your expectations for securing your Webmail and providing you with the features we believe are essential for your email privacy.

We believe Armacrypt is unique in providing a secure email service using any Webmail provider, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, OWA (Outlook Web Access) to name a few.  Armacrypt integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox but can be used with any Windows' browser via Armacrypt's built-in floating toolbar.

After installing some recent Windows' Updates, some clients have reported that the Armacrypt toolbar does not display correctly in some versions of Internet Explorer. If you have installed Armacrypt and the toolbar is not displayed in Internet Explorer, please install the latest version from

Before you can use Armacrypt, you need to complete two things:

  1. Start Firefox or Internet Explorer and click the 'Login' button on the Armacrypt toolbar.  If you are using Armacrypt for the first time you will be prompted to Activate Armacrypt - this is a necessary step that generates your unique 256-bit AES encryption keys used for your security.   For more information click "Activating Armacrypt Secure Webmail".
  2. Add a Mail Account for Sending Armacrypt Secure Email - this is a simple yet necessary step.  For instructions please click "Add Mail Account Settings".  Or, for webmail specific instructions, click "Gmail™ Account Settings", "Hotmail™ Account Settings", "AOL™ or AIM™ Account Settings" or "Yahoo™ Mail Account Settings".  

Armacrypt toolbar in Firefox

Armacrypt toolbar in Firefox 

  After completing the above, the following links may assist you.

» Send an encrypted message.

» Send an encrypted message using a password I specify.

» Decrypt an encrypted message.

» Decrypt a password encrypted message.

» Saving a message password for an incoming email.

» Saving a message password for an outgoing email.

» Import Contacts from Outlook or Gmail.